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Kristin Clark | Owner of Tyche Accounting and Bookkeeping Services | Toledo, Ohio

Hello, I’m Kristin Clark!

Born, raised, and settled in the Glass City. My parents moved to Toledo shortly before I was born and remain here today. After undergraduate school, I moved back here to go to Graduate School at the University of Toledo. Go Rockets! All of my employment has been within the Greater Toledo Area, and now, it is my turn to serve and give back to the Toledo community.

I’ve used my financial skills in a variety of industries from banking, to construction, and healthcare. Over the past 18 years, I worked remotely from home as I was raising my children alongside my career.

When I’m not hard at work on behalf of my clients, I love spending time with family. Whether It’s enjoying the outdoors or traveling together, if it’s with my family, it’s time well spent. I’m an avid football fan, and in particular, a Denver Broncos fan. This has lead to friendly rivalry between me and my husband.

I’m passionate about what I do and look forward to working with you!

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Tyche Goddess of Fortune and Prosperity Image | Tyche Accounting & Bookkeeping Services | Toledo, Ohio

Why the name Tyche?

(pronounced 'tie-kee')

The business name was chosen because Tyche is the Goddess of Fortune and Prosperity in Greek mythology. Certain objects are symbolic of her and she is usually pictured with wings and a crown. Her wings represent the notion that fortune is ever moving and that it can fall upon anyone, while her crown is significant for the strength and fortitude of city walls or towers.

Often times, she is depicted with rudders or a wheel, and a cornucopia. The wheel or rudders remind one that she can help conduct and guide affairs, and the cornucopia was known as the Horn of Plenty. This is where she kept her riches that symbolize abundance and gifts of fortune.